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Glasses Protect is a comprehensive insurance plan that protects your prescription glasses against cracked, crushed, broken, shattered, and chipped off prescription lenses, providing customers with an extensive eyewear coverage at an affordable price.

Glasses Protect saves customers from high-costs and hassles on replacements and repairs, giving them the option to invest in a layer of security for their valued item.

Care & Coverage
for Prescription Glasses

Cracked Lenses

One that has suffered physical damage, and compromised integrity that can affect vision.

Shattered Lenses

This usually happens if subjected to strong impact or pressure. Shattered eye-glasses lenses are unsafe to wear and should be replaced immediately.

Single Lens Loss

This refer to a situation where one lens of a pair is lost or damaged, leaving the other lens intact.

Chipped-off Lens

This refers to a lens that has suffered damage resulting in a small piece or fragment being broken off from its surface.

Broken Edge Lens

This refers to a situation where the edge of an optical lens is damaged, fractured, or chipped.

Frame Breakage

This refers to damage or breakage occurring in the frame of eyeglasses.

Don't risk a year without a prescription glasses protection plan.

Glasses Protect is an essential and affordable device protection plan for your prescription glasses. Your glasses can receive reliable support when accidents happens, such as cracked lenses, shattered lenses, single lens loss, chipped-off lens, broken edge lens, as well as frame breakage.

200 k
350 +
Years of Service
18 +

Aftersales Group Philippines

Aftersales Group Philippines is part of a Dutch company, Aftersales Group B.V. that specializes in the development, implementation and management of device and visual protection programs.

One of its amazing products is Glasses Protect, a comprehensive insurance plan that protects your prescription glasses against cracked lenses, broken edge lenses, chipped off lenses, single-lens loss, shattered lenses from impact and frame breakages.

Aftersales Group has operations in several European countries for almost 20 years now as well as in the Philippines, India and Malaysia.

Ease, Comfort, & Convenience

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Free Pick-up & Delivery

With Glasses Protect, you can enjoy the benefits of Free Pick-up and Delivery!

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Fast Turn-around Time

We offer fast turn-around time for customers who are in need of repair and replacement for lens damange. 

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Dedicated Helpdesk

We offer a reliable customer support and dedicated helpdesk that can guide and assist you!

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Paperless Registration

Signing up is easy! Our paperless registration easily allows you to apply for Glasses Protect!

Eye Wear Protection

Glasses Protect features the ultimate eyewear protection for kids, adults, and event patients alike.

Protection Against Lens Damage

A trusted solution to safeguard against various types of lens damage, providing added protection for customers

Tech Effects & Eye Strain

Glasses Protect offers a low-cost insurance policy to help customers invest wisely, minimizing the effort and expenses associated with frequent repairs and replacements.

Medical Disaster & Emergencies

Glasses Protect not only provides coverage for lens damage but also ensures a quick and reliable service in cases of accidents or emergencies. This offers reassurance to users facing unexpected issues with their eyewear.

Avoid High Cost Repair & Replacements

Accidental damage to glasses can happen to even the most careful individuals. Without Glasses Protect coverage, those facing such incidents may incur significant expenses for the repair and replacement of prescription glasses.

Best for Prescription Dependent Consumers

Wearers of prescription glasses require a comprehensive plan for medical and disability purposes. Accidental damage and breakage due to unforeseen accidents can be both costly and time-consuming for the majority of consumers.

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